We offer CreativeTeams and use design to create innovative experiences, services & products – physical, digital or both.

Onboarding Analysis

The onboarding analysis takes you through our PilotChecklist™ to evaluate fit, maturity and need. After onboarding we’ll know:

  • If we’re a good fit

  • If an evaluation sprint is needed

  • How big the CreativeTeam™ needs to be

  • What competences are needed

  • Hypotheses to start investigating

Questions are the beginning to every answer but also every invention, new business idea and transformation. Our aim is to give you a foundation to your next success.

CreativeTeam Pilot

3-5 weeks

Our CreativeTeams is our way of generating the most value for you and the pilot is your opportunity to... well, pilot the concept. Based on the analysis we set up a tailored team for your needs, usually starts with 2 people. We create an inventory of tasks and prioritise these depending on urgency and importance.

  • You get a team tailored to your actual needs

  • Berge Group can deliver an extended offer to innovate

  • We're not only delivering strategies, we actually produce tangible work

CreativeTeam Subscription


Innovation is not a one-time fix, it's an ongoing, iterative operation. When you’re confident that our team can deliver, we continue into our subscription mode. This secures you the access to the team for as long as you want. Why a subscription?

  • Agile project setup minimises risk and is by nature iterative

  • Support from start to end ensures quality all the way

  • To achieve perpetual transformation it takes more than "a project"

  • Secure the competences you've learned to love

  • Adjust the team competences as the project progresses

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DesignThinking Workshop

1 day

This is a standalone workshop created for team building as well as getting out of the office and find new solutions to your old problems.

  • Introduction to design thinking and what value it brings

  • Balanced mix between theory and hands-on exercises

  • Learn tools to use long after the workshop

  • Productive team building

It’s one information-packed, hands-on and fun day to understand how design is not just about form and function but a mindset to see beyond what's in front of you. Pop your details in to learn more.

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Evaluation sprint

1-2 weeks

Evaluate a technology that a main hypothesis relies on before creating a CreativeTeam or test a hypothesis with a hands-on, 1 week design sprint.
Whether it’s a business idea, specific problem on a physical or digital product? Anything goes and you’ll have tangible results at the end.

  • Innovation is fuelled by experimentation

  • Clear input – Clear output

  • Minimise risk – if it fails, it's fast

  • Foundation for decision-making

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